Erin (perimyndith) wrote in seattle_babies,

Nursing bras -- I can't find one in my size :(

So apparently, after 11 months of nursing, I am now a ridiculous bra size -- 32D -- and I can't find a good & supportive nursing bra. I've tried Overlake's Women's Center, Nordstroms, the 2 maternity shops at Bellevue Square, and Kids Club at Crossroads, to no avail. I've also been to Evergreen Hospital's breastfeeding center a few weeks ago with no luck. 3 of those stores didn't even sell anything in 32, and the other 3 only sold a couple paper-thin bras in 32 with a D cup... and frankly, paper-thin does not keep the headlights off well enough for me.

I don't want to resort to buying a bra off the Internet... where else can I try on the Eastside? If not the Eastside, any other suggestions?
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