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West Seattle Shopping Reviews

I've been meaning to post a review for RetroActiveKids, a kids shop, for months, but my procrastination has been for the better as they have moved!

They used to be located in West Seattle on California Avenue near Cafe Ladro, but are moving to a new space in Columbia City at 4859 Rainier Ave. S. - you can check out those details on their blog. Their website seems to not be complete as many links aren't active yet, so I'd check the blog for more details.

Compared to Bootyland, their vintage clothing is in better condition and less expensive (less than $20 for a single piece of clothing). Their locally made clothing (either knit or screen printed) runs under $40, which in my book is much more affordable than Bootyland.

Their variety of vintage, local and new clothing and toys is good. I'll be visiting their new location in the future.

Gorgia Blu is located in the West Seattle Alaska Junction on the corner of California Avenue and Alaska Street. Honestly, after reading the review in NW Source, I was hesitant to go inside. Truthfully, this was only because I'm a thrifty person. After visiting the shop, I think there's a nice variety of clothing and accessories (the styles are hip, classic and cute), but a bit out of my price range.
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