Carrie Ann (carrieann) wrote in seattle_babies,
Carrie Ann

Wanted: Local retailers who carry baby slings/wraps/etc.

Does anyone know where to find a good selection of slings/wraps/pouches for someone interested in babywearing? I have a Baby Bjorn carrier (and a backpack carrier, too) from when I had my daughter a few years ago, but I don't want to use it very often, since it does put added strain on their wee bitty legs. I can't use it at all yet, since our little guy is a mere two weeks old today and still at least a pound off from the product's recommended weight.

I have a number of bookmarked sites I could order something from, but I'd much rather test them out before paying the full cost + shipping, especially since I'm not a dainty thing and would need to make sure it's a good fit. Also, if you have personal recommendations for specific kinds (Maya Wrap, Peanut Shell, Mei Tei, etc), feel free to give your input.

Thanks in advance!

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