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Wanna sell your baby stuff?

My daughter and I will be visiting family in Kirkland from January 10th through 31st, and I was wondering if anybody had a co-sleeper or pack 'n play (preferably with the bassenet thingy) they'd be willing to let us borrow, or one you're looking to sell. Same goes for a stroller- it doesn't need to be anything fancy, because I sling her most of the time... I've already checked out Craigslist and didn't see anything. Also, if you're a bored mama and want to get together, that would be fun too! :)
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I have a mini co-sleeper I would be glad to let you use for your visit. A stroller as well. :)

How old is your daughter? I would be up for getting together too.
Ahhh, you're awesome! She's 9 months old... We have a regular sized co-sleeper here and she seems like she's getting too big for it! Do you think she'll fit in a mini? I've never seen one in real life before... She's about 20lbs and wow...maybe 25" long?
Hey :)

It sounds like the mini-cosleeper will definately be to small. It appears that a pack-and-play is available, which may be a better option. My daughter is 8 mos and probably about 15 lbs, and has pretty much outgrown it.

I am still happy to lend anything else you might like to use on your visit, and would be up for coffee or some kind of playdate.

Yeah, my daughter already fills up most of her regular sized co-sleeper lenthwise, so I wasn't sure if she'd fit in a mini! I just talked to my parents and they said they're going to go buy a pack 'n play, and that way we'll have it whenever we come to visit. Sounds like a good plan to me! :) I'd love to get together while I'm home! None of my other friends have kids, and after living away from the area for 5 years, I don't have many friends left!
If that doesn't work, I have a Pack-n-play you can borrow--our son has moved to a crib for sleeping so we just use it when we need to set him down for a few minutes. (The bassinet thingy says it's only rated up to 15 pounds--but when we traveled earlier this year he slept in the bottom of a borrowed Pack-n-play and it worked pretty well)
There are companies who rent these items:

I haven't tried any of these companies, but Baby's Away is always mentioned on the travel boards.

BTW, storytime @ Kirkland library is Wednesday mornings - it's a nice place to meet other moms. I'd recommend the N. Kirkland Com Center playroom, but a 9 month old might get "run over" by some of the other kids.. ;)
Ahhh, so fun! I'm definitly going to have to go to story time!
I'm checking out the equipment rental places right now- it sounds like the perfect option! Thanks so much!
Good luck. Post here if you use one of the rental's always good to hear a personal recommendation (or not).


January 2 2007, 16:15:23 UTC 11 years ago

I actually just decided to go buy parents said they'd pay half. I figure I can get a pack 'n play for $50, the same carseat that she uses now that goes up to 60lbs for $100, and a cheap umbrella stroller for $20... Sooo for $85, I'll never have to worry about it again. And hopfully we'll be up there at least once or twice a year, depending on how well my daughter does on that long of a flight!
Annnnnd now I'm logged in! Whee! ;)
Yeah, that's what I mother lives in Miami. Mom got an umbrella stroller & borrowed stuff from other grandmas she knows. But rather than buy a carseat, I got a Sit n'Stroll, which is great for carting the kid through the airport, plus it's a carseat. Not so good as a stroller, which is why Mom got one..